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Towards QR Print Kimono

Towards QR Print Kimono

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Whether it’s lounging around the glamping tent or making a stylish Coachella appearance, these QR Code kimono-style robes are as beautiful as they are cozy. With a figure-flattering shape, this chic mid-length robe features the signature flowing bell sleeves and a belt, making it an absolute delight for Japanese style enthusiasts. Each kimono robe is made with high quality fabric for that smooth & silky feel.

Product Powers: 

.: Lightweight Fabric

.: Figure-flattering, versatile shape

.: Smooth feel


Bring Chic Digital Age style to your day-to-day, order your QR Code Festival Robe today!


Did you know?: The QR (Quick Response) Code is a type of matrix barcode invented in 1994 by Japanese company Denso Wave to facilitate automobile manufacturing processes.

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