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Cyber Circuit Flip Flops

Cyber Circuit Flip Flops

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Unleash your inner geek and strut with a zap! Our Circuitboard Flip Flops are like a party for your feet—bold, comfy, and utterly geek-chic.

Step into the future with every wiggle of your toes. These sandals are the ultimate ‘tech-cessory,’ perfect for tech enthusiasts who dare to stand out.

Each pair tells a quirky tale of recycled circuits, making every step an electric adventure. Geek out in style and snag these flip flops for a shocking fashion statement!


Product Powers:

.: 5/8" (15 mm) thick EVA sole

.: 100% polyester suede sole cover

.: Runs true to size

.: Black PVC strap

.: Multiple sizes (*See Size Chart below)

Note: Colors may differ slightly due to variations in monitor display settings


◾️🟩 About our PCB Print:

Our PCB Print comes right out of a 90s era server circuit board from a Telecom data center that was just recently decommissioned and recycled. This particular PCB was contributing to data crunching for Telecommunications router/switch traffic in the United States since before Y2K and until last year! Unique, authentic, and rare, this tech design is the real deal!


* Size Chart:


EU Size 38-39

US Size Women 7-8

US Size Men 5-6

Length 9.84” (25 cm) 

Width 3.78” (9.6 cm)



EU Size 39.5-41

US Size Women 9-10

US Size Men 7-8

Length 10.63” (27 cm) 

Width 4.25” (10.8 cm)



EU Size 41.5-43

US Size Women 11-12

US Size Men 9-10

Length 11.42” (29 cm) 

Width 4.49” (11.4 cm)



EU Size 43.5-45

US Size Women 13-14

US Size Men 11-12

Length 12.2” (31 cm) 

Width 4.72” (12 cm)



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