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BSoD (Blue Screen of Death) Scrunchie / Decoy Stashie

BSoD (Blue Screen of Death) Scrunchie / Decoy Stashie

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Every Stashie owner needs a decoy! With the Stashy trend in full swing, it's just a matter of time before those pesky security folks start poking around our hair accessories. That's why we've designed and developed the perfect not so ordinary, ordinary scrunchie to have your back (and hair)! You won't find any velcro or zipper stash compartments hidden in this bad boy! That's because this is the Decoy Stashie, and it is your effective, unassuming, stylish, and comfy first line of defense when put under questioning or scrutiny.

With this special scrunchie, you can rest easy. It features a design that's not so flashy as to spontaneously draw undue attention, not too discreet either, but juuust right. The Computer Error BSOD is a clever and tactful middle ground. You see, when an overzealous security personnel asks to search your hair accessory, there lies the perfect decoy storyline with which you can begin to explain and bore them until their short attention span gives way and you are asked to move along. When the coast is clear you can switch it out with the stashie. Then, alternate them between wrist, bag, hair, etc. to your heart's content.


Product Powers:

.: Supremely soft jersey-knit fabric for a comfortable feel and no pulling

.: 4'' (10.16cm) diameter (as a scrunchie should be)

.: You can wear it on your wrist, in your hair, on a bag, on a bear

.: Disclaimer: Do Not harass or provoke wild animals of any kind, especially large, beautiful, carnivorous ones

.: Let them come to you.

.: Elastic band inside

.: ^making it soft and stretchy

.: Pairs well with sleight of hand illusions


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