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BSoD (Blue Screen of Death) Beach Towel II

BSoD (Blue Screen of Death) Beach Towel II

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Upgrade your beach days with our techtastic BSoD (blue screen of death) Beach Towel, a one-of-a-kind style statement fit for any outdoor occasion where there's a chance of getting wet!

Whether you're laying out on the sand, the deck, a lounge chair, or wearing it around your waist, the sturdy BSoD towel is soft on your skin providing the perfect surface for relaxing in the sun.

The classic, dreaded Blue Screen of Death design will match any swimsuit and add an easily recognizable flair to your chair or beach spot sure to impress your friends.

Durable and water absorbent, the heavyweight BSoD towel feels extra lush to the touch, exactly as a beach towel should.


Product Powers:

.: Classic Blue Screen of Death Design

.: Dual Material 50% Polyester 50% Cotton

.: Tried and True white cotton loop backing


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