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Black Friday Holiday Card

Black Friday Holiday Card

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🛍️ Embrace the Shopping Frenzy with Our Unique “Joyous Black Friday” Card!

🎉 Welcome the holiday shopping extravaganza with our one-of-a-kind Black Friday greeting card! Crafted with a sleek black background, this card sets the stage for the ultimate shopping celebration.

🎈 Featuring a whimsical design incorporating playful Coupon Clown motifs, our card captures the spirit of the season’s exciting sales and discounts! 🤹‍♂️

🌟 Key Features:

• Elegant “Joyous Black Friday” greeting in an eye-catching font.

• Subtle, yet vibrant graphics highlighting the essence of Coupon Clown and the thrill of Black Friday.

• A blend of playful references and heartfelt messages for a balanced and unique holiday greeting.

🎁 Perfect for:

• Sharing festive wishes with friends, family, or fellow shopping enthusiasts.

• Adding a touch of humor and cheer to Black Friday celebrations.

• Complementing your holiday gift or as a standalone thoughtful gesture.

🌟 Celebrate the spirit of Black Friday with our exclusive card!

🎊 Make this shopping season memorable and fun with a dash of whimsy and heartfelt greetings.


✨ Product Powers:

.: Available in 8-packs, 16-packs, and 24-packs - each pack comes with size-matching envelopes for each card.

.: One size: 4.25" x 5.5'' (10.8 x 13.9 cm)

.: Matte finish

.: Envelopes included

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