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Warm "Meta Moth" QR Print Hooded Cloak

Warm "Meta Moth" QR Print Hooded Cloak

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Spread your wings, and embrace the Meta Moth within, with this luxurious, psy trance, festival cloak. Perfect for a chilly night out at Burning Man, or a night in at the camp site, the premium microfiber fleece lining will keep you cozy all night. With an abstract, tech-inspired wing-like design, the QR moth's dark and light 'owl eyes' are a striking and alluring treat for your fellow festival-goers' scanning gazes.

Approximately 80 inches (~203 cm) from hood to bottom with a 55 inch (~140 cm) wingspan, this shawl is designed to wrap around the entire body like a big hug. And when you open your arms you have the option to slip your hands through grips at each end, giving you control and the sensation of spreading your wings, so you can soar hardcore -- Disclaimer: these wings DO NOT give you the ability to fly.

However, if you look at them long enough you may feel like you are floating, especially because the psychedelic monochrome graphic pattern pops on the backdrop of forest, beach, jungle, and desert natural landscapes, a contrast that is as artistic a visual expression as wearing a Kusama on your person in such setting.

And it's big! This larger than life, snuggly, festival cloak even has a hood. If your surroundings are too stimulating for you at any given moment, and you are wearing this cloak, simply pull down the hood, wrap your arm wings around yourself in a big hug and disappear into your own peaceful little world. And when you so desire, you'll emerge like a rave butterfly leaving their cocoon.

So what are you waiting for? Snag a snuggly, cuddly hooded cloak now, and let it be your plus one for those chilly festival nights.


P.S. Makes a great gift for that special someone, reminding them who brings the cozy fun; and every time they put it on it's like you are giving them a hug!

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